Slimmer PlayStation 5 unveiled by Sony

New model comes with 30% smaller frame, but price remains unchanged

The slimmer console aims to address concerns about its predecessors' bulky frame. Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment
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Sony will soon release a new version of its PlayStation 5.

The console is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, with a 30 per cent decrease in its volume.

It will not have any differences in its software or capabilities. Much like the first PlayStation 5, it will also have a digital version, which does not have a disc drive, and a basic version, which does.

Here’s what to know about the new console.


Sony frequently produces smaller and more streamlined versions of its PlayStation consoles. It started with the PlayStation One, a smaller version of the original PlayStation.

Every subsequent iteration of the PlayStation has received a smaller, streamlined companion.

In keeping with this, the new PlayStation 5 looks sleeker and smoother than its predecessor.

The original PlayStation 5 was described as bulky, taking up too much space, something this model aims to address.

Users can now add a Blu-ray disc drive to the digital version of the console, which will be sold separately.


The PlayStation 5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, and the digital version without, will cost $499.99. The separate disc drive will cost $79.99.


The smaller and lighter versions of PlayStation consoles were not always a better option, but they were always a cheaper option.

However, the price has not decreased with this lighter release, but it presents an experience with more appealing hardware.

There are some questionable decisions, such as both versions costing the same when one has an appendage and the other doesn’t.

Purchasing a digital version and later adding the disc drive is a more expensive endeavour than simply buying it with one pre-installed.

Ultimately, the new console offers more choice when purchasing a PlayStation 5, and while the company claims there are no changes to the software, aside from slightly more storage space, the expectation is that the new console will operate more efficiently than its predecessor.

Updated: October 11, 2023, 12:32 PM