What did poem dedicated to Ruler of Dubai's daughter Sheikha Mahra and son-in-law say?

Couple's nuptials announced via heartfelt verses in Arabic, which also honour Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid

Sheikh Mana, left, and Sheikha Mahra have married. Photo: Sheikh Mana; Sheikha Mahra / Instagram
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Sheikha Mahra, the daughter of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, has married Sheikh Mana Al Maktoum.

The union was announced by the couple on Instagram alongside a heartfelt poem written in Arabic by her father-in-law, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid bin Mana Al Maktoum, who also honours the Ruler of Dubai in a few verses.

The first couplet, meanwhile, is thought to allude to Katb Al-Kitaab, which is a Muslim wedding tradition where the couple sign a marriage contract.

Here is the poem translated in full.

On God's day, joys were found, books were written, congrats abound.

Blessed with happiness, every home, night bright as day, good news from "Mana" roams.

Daughters of the wind, along the fringe, a "Mahra" resides.

There, fondness blooms, with passion's tinge, on God's day, a moment to exchange.

Wonders were made by her father, a legacy divine.

He is an honour in homes near and far. An everlasting role model, a shining star.

A leader of good manners, a knight so true.

Respected by all, none can overtake or undo.

In Arab homes, his name rings with grace. An inspiration for all, a noble face.

His home has reached the heavens high. A source of pride and glory, none deny.

We're honoured and elated to be kin. From one grandfather and status, we begin.

Our grand title inherited from Maktoum.

Destined by God, reason for all we become thankful for what he's destined and achieved.

Our hearts with admiration and love, relieved.

For those with fine taste and dignity we meet.

Hearts suit each other, admiration so sweet.

May God keep their affability so grand.

Everlasting, with children that expand.

Updated: April 08, 2023, 6:21 AM