Museum of the Future’s garden contains 100 plant species from across the UAE

Ghaf, sidr, palm and acacia trees are all growing in a green space that also supports the insect and bird population

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The Museum of the Future's striking exteriors and architectural marvel may be the main talking points ahead of the Dubai museum's opening on February 22, but the gardens are set to be an attraction in and of themselves.

Designed to house about 100 species of trees and plants, the gardens will be a reflection of the UAE's natural diversity and ecological heritage.

The gardens are a key part of the building's design, located on the large green plinth on which the building stands. Native ghaf, sidr, palm and acacia trees are all growing in the space — trees that are well adapted to local environmental conditions.

The gardens are equipped with an automated irrigation system and support bee and bird populations.

"The plant species and irrigation techniques used had to consider the nature of the steep plateau and the UAE’s dry weather," said an official statement about the gardens. "Given the unique setting of the building, traditional landscaping techniques were a challenge. A novel way of planting and soiling the greenery was needed.

"With Dubai’s summer temperatures hitting close to 50ºC, and with the average rainfall of 130mm per year, irrigation was one of the main considerations for the plateau. A smart irrigation system uses a sub-surface mat that delivers water directly to the root system in a targeted, efficient approach.

"The plateau’s steep slopes allow quick water run-off, removing the need for water-intense flood irrigation.

"Additionally, water collection and recycling systems are used to reduce water wastage by approximately 25 per cent."

Images of the Museum of the Future ahead of its February 22 opening:

Updated: February 17, 2022, 2:38 PM