Affordable originals at eighth edition of Ramadan Art Bazaar

Art work by Jalal Luqman. Courtesy of Jalal Luqman.
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Just days after organising the Dress The Mannequin auction for the needy in Syria, Emirati artist Sumayyah Al Suwaidi is hosting the eighth edition of the Ramadan Art Bazaar.

The event, at Nation Towers on the Corniche, will display creations by between 30 and 40 UAE-based artists of various ­nationalities.

Each will show four artworks, all of which are for sale. Importantly, the prices are capped at Dh4,000, making the art ­affordable for many potential collectors.

“I came up with the idea for the Ramadan Art Bazaar just over seven years ago when I realised that I wanted to support others to build their own art collection,” says Al Suwaidi. “Ramadan is the best time to have such an exhibition as it is the time of giving.

“For this event, professional and emerging artists come together under one roof to reduce the price of their normally very expensive artworks and give the chance for art lovers to own an original piece or two.”

Included in the exhibition are pieces by well-known artists, including Jalal Luqman, considered to be one of the first Emiratis to venture into the realm of digital art; Jennifer Simon, a British artist who lives in Abu Dhabi and is known for her brightly coloured figurative paintings that depict elements of UAE culture; Hamdan Al Shamsi, a multimedia artist who lives and works in Al Ain; and Indian artist R P Chezhiyan, who uses pencil, charcoal and pastel to create dreamlike works.

This year’s edition of the Ramadan Art Bazaar is also supported by Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation.

• The Ramadan Art Bazaar is on the first floor at Nation Galleria, Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi. It runs throughout Ramadan.