Eager Lion 2024: Renewed trust and enduring commitment

Jordanian Armed Forces and US Central Command at forefront of exercise

Eager Lion 2024 consists of military training exercises spanning air, land, sea and cyber defence.

The Jordanian Armed Forces and United States Central Command are at the forefront of exercise Eager Lion 2024, which is under way this month at several sites in Jordan with participation from 31 brotherly and friendly nations.

Jordan, a proactive member of the region's security paradigm, continues to demonstrate the importance of its role in preserving the region's security and the effectiveness of its military next to counterparts from US CENTCOM and elite forces from across the region and the world.

Eager Lion 2024 commenced on May 12 with an extensive and well-planned training agenda comprising a broad range of military training exercises that span air, land, sea and cyber defence to enhance the ability of participating forces to counter emerging threats.

Swift response, co-ordinated defence, and interoperability of units and command are the primary objectives of the exercise, in which troop formations are partaking in deployments, chemical warfare, border security, command and control, cyber defence, and battlespace management training using best-in-class hardware and state-of-the-art military technology.

In its 11th iteration, Eager Lion has become a leading platform for military cooperation between forces from friendly and brotherly nations that is fittingly hosted by one of US CENTCOM's most reliable partners, the Jordan Armed Forces.

The exercise is an important fixture on the global military training calendar, to cultivate higher levels of defence readiness that contribute to the region's security against traditional and non-traditional threats by state and non-state actors alike.

US CENTCOM participation in Eager Lion reflects the US commitment to regional partnerships and co-operation as the primary vehicle for maintaining regional security. Joint forces working together and training on the world's best interoperability techniques and tactics are a clear statement in favour of friendly co-operation in the face of malign actors and Eager Lion 2024 is a significant demonstration of this commitment and the trust that underpins it.

Updated: May 28, 2024, 2:55 AM