Watch: The Year That Was with Tim Marshall

The National's London correspondent Tim Marshall provides his breakdown of the biggest stories from the entire year

In this special edition, The National's London correspondent Tim Marshall discusses The Year That Was.

US president Donald Trump of course dominated many 2017 headlines, from his failures and successes at home to his often-contentious relationships with North Korea and China. And from the rest of America there was the rippling effect of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the #MeToo movement that sparked societal change that will continue into the next year. Hurricanes and mass shootings also dotted world news pages from America.

In the Middle East, ISIL lost significant ground and the region mostly rallied to oppose growing threats from Iran. Saudi Arabia promised huge changes ahead. And in Egypt religious terror struck both Muslims and Christians with scary frequency.

And in Europe, populism gained political ground, independence was on the ballot in Catalonia and Brexit still looms.

Watch the video for Marshall's commentary.


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