UN draft resolution calls for shared approach to artificial intelligence

Aim is to ensure new technology is 'safe, secure and trustworthy', while providing equal access

As AI technology develops, there is an urgent need for collective action from UN states, the US envoy said. AP
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Washington’s UN envoy on Thursday said the US and 54 countries have introduced a General Assembly resolution aimed at articulating “a shared approach” to artificial intelligence.

The US draft resolution calls on UN member states to promote “safe, secure and trustworthy” AI systems to address the world’s greatest challenges, including those related to poverty elimination, global health, food security, climate, energy and education.

AI “has enormous potential to shape our economies, societies and the world for the better – and we must ensure these benefits extend across the globe to countries at all levels of development”, said Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

She added that as AI technology develops, there is an urgent need and unique opportunities for member states to meet this critical moment with collective action.

Morocco's ambassador to the UN Omar Hilale underscored the need to harness AI systems that “breed social, digital and economic divides” between developed and developing countries.

He said AI presents a wide range of potential advantages, especially for African nations, in diverse sectors such as health care, agriculture, education, environmental initiatives and economic development.

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The text also establishes a shared vision that AI systems should be humancentric, reliable, explainable, ethical, inclusive, privacy-preserving and responsible, with a sustainable development orientation and in full respect, promotion and protection of human rights and international law.

In his address to the World Economic Forum in January, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres urged governments to work with tech companies on risk-management frameworks for AI development.

He said international bodies such as the UN needed to play a role in ensuring AI was a force for good.

“My advisory body on AI has already made preliminary recommendations on AI governance that tap the benefits of this incredible new technology, while mitigating its risks,” he said.

The US draft resolution will be up for formal consideration on March 21.

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