Justin Mohn: US man accused of beheading father wanted to form anti-government militia

In graphic YouTube video, man accused his father of being a traitor while holding up his severed head

Justin Mohn, a suspect in his father's murder, poses in a booking photograph at Bucks County Correctional Facility in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Bucks County District Attorney's Office / Reuters
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Justin Mohn, the man accused of beheading his father and posting the video on YouTube, had called for the public execution of US marshals, border patrol agents and federal judges as well as the formation of militia to take up arms against the government, Pennsylvania's Bucks County District Attorney said during a news conference on Friday.

District Attorney Jennifer Schorn said Mr Mohn fatally shot his father, Michael Mohn, before decapitating him with a knife and machete.

Ms Schorn said the father's severed head was encased in plastic wrap and placed in a cooking pot in an adjacent room, which was later discovered by his mother.

In the video, Mr Mohn said his father, a federal employee, was a traitor. He also spoke of conspiracy theories about President Joe Biden's administration and the southern US border.

Mr Mohn was arrested hours later at a National Guard base in Lebanon County. He faces charges of first-degree murder, abusing a corpse and possessing instruments of a crime.

Ms Schorn said he wanted to mobilise the Pennsylvania National Guard to take up arms against the federal government. He “also indicated that he wanted to speak to Governor [Josh] Shapiro to join forces”, she said.

The District Attorney added the gun used by Mr Mohn had been legally purchased, that he had no history of diagnosed mental health issues and that he had “a clear state of mind”.

About 5,000 people viewed the video Mr Mohn posted on YouTube, which was up for six hours before it was taken down.

“It's quite horrifying how many views … it had before it was taken down,” Ms Schorn said.

Authorities said that last year, Mr Mohn's Philadelphia-based employer had contacted them with concerns over his behaviour, seeking legal advice on how to sack him.

Middletown Township Police Chief Joseph Bartorilla said officers had referred the employer to legal resources and to the Philadelphia Police Department.

Mr Bartorilla said he had not believed at that time that police needed to make contact with Mr Mohn.

Updated: February 04, 2024, 3:01 PM