Scores of Russian elites and businesses hit by new US sanctions

Latest measures target oligarchs, as well as Moscow's military and industrial bases

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said Washington's latest sanctions 'show our global reach in imposing severe costs on Putin’s oligarchs'. AFP
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More than 100 Russian elites and businesses linked with Moscow's military and industrial bases were targeted by Washington's latest sanctions imposed on Thursday.

The sanctions focus on people who benefit from, support and sustain Russia's war against Ukraine, a Treasury Department statement said.

“Individuals and entities who profit from invasion and their proximity to the Kremlin will be held accountable and today’s actions show our global reach in imposing severe costs on Putin’s oligarchs,” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said.

Among those targeted in the latest tranche of sanctions was Andrei Bokarev, an oligarch with close ties to Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu and other Kremlin officials.

Other groups linked to Russia's technology supply chain also had sanctions imposed, as well as Moscow's industrial base and construction sector.

Washington also targeted five Turkish companies accused of helping Russia to evade sanctions and supporting Moscow in the war in Ukraine.

The State Department also imposed sanctions on 70 Russian people and businesses.

Meanwhile, Moscow expelled two American diplomats after Russia's Foreign Ministry alleged them of being involved in “illegal activity”, the Associated Press has reported.

Jeffrey Sillin, first secretary at the US embassy in Russia, and David Berstein, the second secretary, were alleged to have “kept in touch” with a former employee there who was arrested this year accused of collecting information about the war in Ukraine.

Lynne Tracy, US ambassador to Russia, was summoned to the ministry and informed the pair were being expelled.

Updated: September 14, 2023, 3:59 PM