Justice Department submits amended list of items seized from Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump claims that federal officials planted evidence at his Florida home

The US Justice Department filed an amended list of items seized by FBI agents during an August 8 raid on former president Donald Trump's home. AP
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The US Department of Justice filed a slightly amended list of items seized during its August 8 search of Mar-a-Lago, despite claims from former president Donald Trump's lawyers that FBI agents had planted evidence at his Florida home.

Also provided by the Justice Department was an affidavit indicating that the new list properly reflects what was taken from the property. An unnamed agent who signed the affidavit said the amended list was “minor”.

The department said it had only one business day to submit its first inventory list — submitted weeks ago — but was then given more time to review it, CNN first reported. The revised list contained the same total number of classified documents as the previous list, showed two fewer press clippings and two fewer empty classified envelopes.

Mr Trump's team faces a deadline on Friday to submit to the case's special master descriptions of items that the former president claims are missing in the inventory.

Judge Raymond Dearie told lawyers for Mr Trump last week that they must back up claims that federal agents planted evidence at the former president's estate last month.

“This submission shall be [Mr Trump's] final opportunity to raise any factual dispute as to the completeness and accuracy of the detailed property inventory,” Mr Dearie wrote.

The request was part of an continuing legal battle between Mr Trump and the Justice Department, which is investigating if the former president had violated federal laws through his possible improper mishandling of government records since he left office in 2021.

Updated: September 27, 2022, 6:51 PM