Cupcake-thieving black bear crashes toddler's birthday party

Black bears tend to stay away from people, though the offer of a sweet treat can be an 'unbearable' temptation

A black bear, like the one pictured, trundled out of the nearby woods and began raiding the dessert table. AP
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An unexpected guest appeared at a toddler's birthday party in the US state of Connecticut — a large black bear.

As the Majidian family celebrated their 2-year-old son's birthday earlier this month, the bear trundled out of the nearby woods and began raiding the dessert table.

“Everyone was in the backyard partying,” Rauf Majidian told news channel HLN's Weekend Express. “[We heard] the first loud noise … we all turned round and there’s the bear.”

Laura Majidian told CT Insider: “We all put our energy in getting away from it and getting everyone into the house.”

She added that the adults who did not have children with them also started making loud noises and shouting for the bear to “go away”.

But the bear, unfazed, continued to leisurely lick icing off of the birthday cupcakes.

“We even had a friend honking their car horn, but it really only left once it ate its fair share of food,” Ms Majidian said.

The family said they were used to seeing bears occasionally during the early-morning hours walking through their yard, but they do not typically stick around.

Black bear attacks are rare and the animals tend to stay away from people, but sometimes the offer of a sweet treat is an “unbearable” temptation.

Connecticut’s bear population has increased in recent years, The Guardian reported, with more than 8,000 sightings already reported this year to the wildlife division of the state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

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Updated: September 13, 2022, 8:15 AM