What are the Malloy drones the UK is sending to Ukraine?

British-made weapons form part of military aid package

The T150 Malloy Aeronautics drone in flight in Coventry, UK. PA
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As part of a new £300 million ($374m) military aid package Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced for Ukraine, the UK will be sending Kyiv a number of Malloy T150 drones.

The drones are made by British company Malloy Aeronautics and are currently used by Britain’s Royal Marines.

How does the drone work?

The T150 is controlled via laptop using points on a map to determine its flight route.

It is battery-powered, though the company is developing wireless charging technology so the drones can recharge while flying.

Cargo on the drone can be unloaded once it has landed or it can be dropped at a location while flying.

The drone has several propellers and motors, so if any fail, there are others that can safely land the aircraft.

The T150 can fly in all weather and has been successfully tested in rainy, windy, snowy and desert conditions.

It can carry about 68 kilograms, cover 70 kilometres and has a maximum flying time of 36 minutes.

What can the drone be used for?

The T150 can be used to provide troops with food and water, parts, equipment, fuel, ammunition and almost anything else they may need on the front line.

Transporting cargo to troops on the front line is dangerous work as logistical teams may come under attack.

The drone ensures that fewer people are placed at risk as it can be controlled remotely.

As the drone can be flown day or night, equipment or resources can be delivered at any time.

Updated: May 04, 2022, 5:15 AM