Sweltering Britain suffers in heatwave

Complaining about the weather is as traditional as fish and chips

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The UK is wilting in high summer temperatures, meaning people are able to indulge in a passion as old as time – complaining about the weather.

The Met Office issued an amber extreme heat warning on Monday and said unusually high temperatures were expected over southern and western areas of England and Wales and continuing high night-time temperatures created potential health risks.

The alert was the first issued by the Met Office since the national weather service launched its extreme heat alert system at the start of June to help better inform people of the danger hot weather can bring.

Temperatures could reach 33°C in some parts of the country over the next few days.

It means sleepless nights and sweaty days are guaranteed in a country not used to such extreme heat, and could signal a rush to buy fans.

But the spell of hot, humid weather has also created an opportunity for plenty of amusement on social media where the jokes were flying thick and fast.

Comparisons to how similar temperatures are treated elsewhere were the subject of many of the jokes.

Others saw opportunity in the heat and the chance to adopt the traditional Spanish siesta.

Some were able to point out that UK homes are built to trap heat and not to escape from the heat. Others highlighted the lack of air conditioning in homes and public transport.

Others suggested the weather might be becoming an obsession.

Updated: July 20, 2021, 1:52 PM