New York doormen fired for failing to intervene in anti-Asian attack

Two building workers dismissed for not trying to stop attack on Asian-American woman

A still from surveillance footage shows the attack on Vilma Kari, an Asian-American woman, outside a New York City apartment building. AFP/NYPD Crime Stoppers 
A still from surveillance footage shows the attack on Vilma Kari, an Asian-American woman, outside a New York City apartment building. AFP/NYPD Crime Stoppers 

Two New York City apartment building workers have been fired for failing to help an Asian-American woman as she was being attacked on the footpath outside, the building’s management company said on Tuesday.

Surveillance video of the March 29 attack near Times Square showed that the doormen did not step outside and approach the woman until more than a minute after the violence stopped and the assailant walked away.

The men watched from the lobby as 65-year-old Vilma Kari was repeatedly kicked and stomped, the video showed. One of them closed the building’s door as Ms Kari lay on the ground seconds after the attack ended.

The building’s management company, The Brodsky Organisation, initially suspended the doormen pending an investigation. That investigation was completed on Tuesday and the doormen were fired, the company said.

“While the full lobby video shows that once the assailant had departed, the doormen emerged to assist the victim and flag down [a police] vehicle, it is clear that required emergency and safety protocols were not followed,” the company said.

The Brodsky Organisation also pledged to give all building services employees training on emergency response protocols, anti-bias awareness and bystander intervention.

The doormen’s union said the workers are challenging their dismissals under a grievance process outlined in their collective bargaining agreement. The process could take months, the union said.

“We believe we must root out systemic racism in all its forms,” union president Kyle Bragg said. “We believe that all union workers, especially workers of colour who are often the subject of unfair treatment on the job, have a right to a fair process as outlined in their contract.”

The union previously said that the doormen waited until the attacker walked away to check on Ms Kari and flag down a nearby patrol car because they thought he had a knife.

The surveillance video shows a police car pulling up about a minute after the doormen went outside. The workers and officers are seen with Ms Kari on the sidewalk for several more minutes before the video cuts off.

Brandon Elliot, a 38-year-old parolee convicted of killing his mother nearly two decades ago, was charged with hate crime assault and attempted assault. He is scheduled to be formally charged on April 21.

His lawyers have urged the public to “reserve judgment until all the facts are presented in court".

Ms Kari, who emigrated to the US from the Philippines several decades ago, was attacked outside the luxury apartment building while walking to church. She suffered serious injuries including a fractured pelvis and spent a day in the hospital.

On Sunday, Ms Kari’s daughter, Elizabeth Kari, posted on a fundraising webpage she set up for her mother’s care that she “has been resting these past few days and wants to send her best as your energy, prayers and thoughts have reached her and our family".

The attack, among the latest in a national surge in anti-Asian hate crimes, drew widespread condemnation and raised alarms about what appeared to be the failure of bystanders to help. Police said no one called 911 and that officers driving by came upon Ms Kari after she had been assaulted.

Elizabeth Kari said that a person across the street who was not seen on surveillance video helped by screaming to distract the attacker.

A widely seen snippet of the surveillance video ended as the attacker was walking away from Ms Kari. Elizabeth Kari said that the attacker was crossing the street and heading toward the bystander who screamed at him. That person has remained anonymous, she said.

Updated: April 7, 2021 09:06 PM


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