New president brings a new look to Oval Office

Joe Biden gives his new office a little renovation

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US President Joe Biden gave the White House Oval Office a slight makeover.

Mr Biden revealed the new decor late on Wednesday when he invited reporters into his new office to watch him sign a series of executive orders hours after he became president.

A bust of Cesar Chavez, the labour leader and civil rights activist, is nestled among an array of framed family photos displayed on a desk behind the new president.

Also represented in sculpture are civil rights figureheads Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. A bust of Winston Churchill, the war time British leader, was among the items removed in the revamp.

Benjamin Franklin peers down at Mr Biden from a portrait on a nearby wall.

Mr Biden brought a dark blue rug out of storage to replace a lighter coloured one installed by former president Donald Trump.

One office feature remains: Mr Biden is also using what is known as the Resolute Desk because it was built from oak used in the British Arctic exploration ship HMS Resolute.

Mr Trump used that desk, too.