Yemeni troops defy deadline to withdraw from Sana'a

The removal of military forces from the capital is part of the deal meant to ease President Ali Abdullah Saleh from power after months of anti-regime protests.

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SANAA // Yemeni troops are defying orders to withdraw from the streets of the capital, signaling trouble with a deal meant to ease the president from power and end months of protests.

Saturday is the deadline for ending the military presence used in the crackdown on protesters. But the powerful Republican Guard force led by President Ali Abdullah Saleh's son and the Central Security forces led by his nephew can still be seen throughout the city.

The deal signed by Saleh and several opposition parties is aimed at bringing an end to the authoritarian ruler's 33 years in power.

Street protesters, however, are refusing to end rallies because they object to part of the deal granting Saleh immunity from prosecution over the killings of demonstrators in the uprising, which began in February.