Under the hammer: 9th century Islamic art

ABU DHABI // Historically significant art from the Middle East and the Indian Mughal era will go under the hammer in London today.

Christie's will auction more than 400 pieces as part of its "Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds" lot that covers the 9th to the 19th centuries.

"It is a pairing we have been doing for a little time," said William Robinson, Christie's international head of Islamic art.

"They go well together. It's not just the influence, but the more Mughal the pieces, the more crossover there is likely to be of Persian art."

The sale will start with 50 pieces from Mohammed Said Farsi's collection of Islamic Art.

Dr Farsi, who spent time in Jeddah and Alexandria in the 1950s, was one of the Middle East's great patrons. A

rare Fatimid Egyptian carved wood panel from 1150 taken from his collection is expected to sell from between £400,000 to £600,000 (Dh2.3 million to Dh3.4m).

Pieces from his collection will also feature at Christie's Dubai's second Modern Arab Art sale on October 26.

One of Mr Robinson's favourite pieces at today's event is a grey jade ram's head dagger, or khanjar, from 17th century Mughal India.

Its value is estimated at £30,000 to £40,000. The tapered, single-edged steel blade has delicate gold-work near the handle. And the intricately carved ram's eyes are inset with small rubies within gold mounts.

"It's a fantastic bit of carving," he said. He said the auction also contained a number of historically significant documents.

For example, a letter expressing a desire for friendship from Sultan Mahmud II of the Ottoman empire to Prince Abbas Mirza in Persia, dated 1817-1818, is decorated in two-colour gold.

The centre of the letter contains flower sprays and the crest of the sultan. The letter is said to be in good condition. Its estimated value is £25,000 to £35,000.

Mr Robinson said it took five months to bring the collection together. In most instances, he was approached by sellers who sent him photographs of pieces in need of restoration.


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How The Debt Panel's advice helped readers in 2019

December 11: 'My husband died, so what happens to the Dh240,000 he owes in the UAE?'

JL, a housewife from India, wrote to us about her husband, who died earlier this month. He left behind an outstanding loan of Dh240,000 and she was hoping to pay it off with an insurance policy he had taken out. She also wanted to recover some of her husband’s end-of-service liabilities to help support her and her son.

“I have no words to thank you for helping me out,” she wrote to The Debt Panel after receiving the panellists' comments. “The advice has given me an idea of the present status of the loan and how to take it up further. I will draft a letter and send it to the email ID on the bank’s website along with the death certificate. I hope and pray to find a way out of this.”

November 26:  ‘I owe Dh100,000 because my employer has not paid me for a year’

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SL thanked the panellists for their efforts. "Indeed, I have some clarity on the consequence of the case and the next steps to take regarding my situation," he says. "Hopefully, I will be able to provide a positive testimony soon."

October 15: 'I lost my job and left the UAE owing Dh71,000. Can I return?'

MS, an energy sector employee from South Africa, left the UAE in August after losing his Dh12,000 job. He was struggling to meet the repayments while securing a new position in the UAE and feared he would be detained if he returned. He has now secured a new job and will return to the Emirates this month.

“The insolvency law is indeed a relief to hear,” he says. "I will not apply for insolvency at this stage. I have been able to pay something towards my loan and credit card. As it stands, I only have a one-month deficit, which I will be able to recover by the end of December." 

Profile of Whizkey

Date founded: 04 November 2017

Founders: Abdulaziz AlBlooshi and Harsh Hirani

Based: Dubai, UAE

Number of employees: 10+

Sector: AI, software

Cashflow: Dh2.5 Million+ 

Funding stage: Series A

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