UK's 'Jihadi Jack' says he misses his mum, pasties and TV

The case follows Shamima Begum who was stripped of her UK citizenship after she joined ISIS

Jack Letts in a picture he posted on Facebook, near the Tabqa Dam in Syria. Facebook
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As the UK grapples over what to do with returning foreign fighters who joined ISIS, a second national has come forward saying he wants to return home as he misses his mother, English TV and pastry based snacks.

Dubbed by British media as "Jihadi Jack," the 23-year old Jack Letts was interviewed by the UK’s ITV news from Syria where he has been held for the last two years.

“I miss people mostly, I miss my mum. Five years I haven’t seen my mum, two years I haven’t spoken to my mum. I miss pasties. And Doctor Who,” he said of the long-running British sci-fi series.

He described living on “the Oxford Street of Raqqa” during his time in Syria and said that while he had initially been pleased when he heard Paris terror attacks in 2015 as he saw it as retaliation for coalition strikes on ISIS territory he added that he had come to realise those killed “had nothing to do with it.”

Last week, Britain’s Home Secretary stripped the UK nationality of Shamima Begum, who ran away at 15 to join ISIS in Syria with two school friends, as she too says she wants to return home. Ms Begum’s family are starting legal action against the government as although she may be eligible for Bangladeshi nationality, she currently has no other citizenship.