UAE denies report alleging role in Yemeni prisons

Government says all prisons in Yemen are under the jurisdiction of Yemeni state institutions

Yemeni police men patrol the streets of the southern city of Taez, on July 2, 2018. A large portion of Yemen's third city Taez is held by pro-government fighters, but the entrances to the city are controlled by Huthi rebels. / AFP / Ahmad AL-BASHA
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The UAE has rejected allegations in an Amnesty International report regarding its involvement in Yemeni prisons.

A goevrnment statement, released on the state news agency Wam on Thursday, stressed that Yemeni prisons are fully managed by the Yemeni authorities and fall under the jurisdiction of Yemeni state institutions.

The government said the Amnesty report was based on political motives aimed at undermining the UAE's efforts within the framework of the Arab Coalition supporting Yemen's internationally recognised government against Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

The statement read: "The Government of the United Arab Emirates has reviewed the report issued by Amnesty International with regards to prisons in Yemen and absolutely rejects it for it is contrary to truth and reality. The UAE does not run any prisons in Yemen."

"The UAE confirms that it has called on the Yemeni government to conduct an independent investigation into the matter. For follow-up, measures are currently being taken in this regard such as planning Red Cross visits to some prisons, and the UAE will continue to work closely with the Yemeni government in this regard."

Following AP reports in June last year alleging UAE involvement in Yemeni prisons, the UAE Foreign Ministry “strongly refuted” the claims.


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