Turks kill civilian during joint Syria patrol

Nine wounded while protesting against the Turkish-Russian patrol, monitor says

A Syrian youth throws a stone towards Turkish military vehicles during a Turkish-Russian army patrol near the town of Darbasiyah in Syria's northeastern Hasakeh province along the Syria-Turkey border on November 11, 2019. / AFP / Delil SOULEIMAN
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At least one civilian was killed on Tuesday by fire from Turkish forces on joint patrol with Russian troops near the Syrian border town of Kobani, Kurdish authorities said.

"Turkish vehicles taking part in the joint patrol with Russian military police aimed at unarmed civilians as they passed between the villages of Shiran and Kurbinkar in the countryside around Kobani," said the Asayish Kurdish internal security forces.

It said Turkish forces first used tear gas on the demonstrators and then opened fire, killing one civilian and wounding six others.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said nine people were wounded by Turkish fire in the area, two of in critical condition.

It was the second time a civilian has been killed during demonstrations against Turkish-Russian patrols in areas of north-west Syria previously controlled by Kurdish forces.

Another civilian died after being run over on Friday as demonstrators hurled rocks at a similar patrol.

Since joint Turkish-Russian patrols began under a deal between Ankara and Moscow, Kurds have staged demonstrations, hurling rocks at armoured vehicles.