Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum: Seven key points

Iraqi Kurds are being given the chance to decide on whether they want independence or to remain part of Iraq

People wave Kurdish  on September 22, 2017, on the Place de la Republique in Paris, during a gathering in support of a "yes" vote ahead of an independence referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan due to be held on September 25.
Iraq's Kurds have faced mounting international pressure, including from neighbouring Iran and Turkey, to call off the referendum  that the UN Security Council has warned was potentially destabilising.
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Iraqi Kurds are being given the chance to decide on whether they want independence or to remain part of Iraq as they head to the polls on Monday.

Kurds are expected to overwhelmingly vote in favour of separating from Iraq.

1 When does polling start? 

Voting will begin at 8am and will conclude at 6pm on Monday 25 September.

2 What's the question?

Voters will be asked: “Do you want the Kurdistan Region and Kurdish areas outside of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to become an independent state?"

3 Can any Iraqi vote?

Only Iraqi Kurds are eligible to vote.

4 What's the electoral roll?

Approximately 5 million Kurds in Iraq are registered to vote.

5 Can Kurds abroad vote?

Iraqi Kurdish diaspora began casting their votes online on Saturday. .

6 Is all of Iraq voting?

Iraqi Kurdish cities such as Erbil, Dahok, Sulemanyia and Halabja are participating in the vote as well as the highly contested city of Kirkuk - which is not part of the KRG.

7 When will we find out who has won?

Preliminary results are expected to be announced 12-24 hours after the ballots have closed.


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