How drones are helping to battle coronavirus in the West Bank

Drones are delivering medicine and other supplies to people who are isolating

Drone delivery fights the virus in the West Bank

Drone delivery fights the virus in the West Bank
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Health workers in the occupied West Bank are using drones to deliver medication in an effort to maintain social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Patients who are at risk or have contracted the virus in the Beit Ummar municipality can have their medicine and other supplies delivered to their door or roof by drone operators.

"The patients can still get all the medicine and supplements, including vitamin C and zinc, that will strengthen their immunity without leaving the comfort of their homes and exposing others to the disease," Ahmed Al Alami, municipality official, told Xinhua.

"The medications are delivered to the roofs of their homes or at their doorsteps," he said. The drones can also deliver food packages.

Gaza and the West Bank have confirmed 10,621 cases of coronavirus and 78 deaths.