Beyond the Headlines podcast: The future of Europe's ISIS fighters

The death sentencing of 11 French nationals has prompted a discussion about what Europe should do about its foreign ISIS fighters

Eleven French nationals have been handed death sentences by Iraqi courts over the past two weeks for belonging to ISIS.

In Iraq, where the punishment for membership in a terrorist group is death by hanging, the judicial proceedings of hundreds of foreign fighters from other western countries are likely to end in similar sentences.

These cases have prompted a contentious debate about what should be done with Europe's foreign fighters.

This week on Beyond the Headlines, host James Haines-Young talks to former Al Qaeda member Hanif Qadir and Dr Drew Mikhael, a fellow at Queen's University in Belfast where he researches extremism and violence. They are joined by Anthony Dworkin, senior policy fellow for human rights, democracy and justice at the European Council of Foreign Relations.

This article has been updated after publication to change the number of French nationals sentenced as it became apparent one was a Tunisian national with French residency, not citizenship. We apologise for any confusion caused.