Beyond the Headlines podcast: Hodeidah's importance to victory in Yemen

We analyse what a takeover of the port city could mean in the battle between the Saudi-led Arab coalition and the Houthi rebels

Yemen's military is within striking distance of one of their biggest victories since civil war began in 2015. The forces, backed by the Arab coalition, was last reported to be within 10km of Yemen’s third largest city, Hodeidah.

We analyse what this could mean for the future of the four-year civil war in Yemen with Fatima Alasrar, a senior analyst at Washington-based Arabia Foundation.

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The city of Hodeidah lies on the Red Sea coast, and is home to the country’s largest port. Much of the country’s food is imported through the city. But it’s been under Houthi-rebel control since the takeover four years ago.

The Arab Coalition, which includes the UAE and Saudi Arabia, intervened in the conflict in Yemen shortly after the rebel coup. They were asked to fight the Houthis on behalf of the internationally recognized government. Hodeidah, though, has remained out of reach. Until now.


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