Abraham Accord: what its 12 points say

Quick guide to agreement on normalisation of relations between UAE and Israel

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The 12-point Abraham Accord between the UAE and Israel, which was signed on Tuesday at the White House, represents a peace treaty establishing full relations between the two countries.

It contains key areas of mutual interest and builds on earlier agreements with Arab countries.

The full text of the Abraham Accord shows what the countries agreed to on August 13 when it was first announced.

The document revealed on Tuesday is a peace treaty that goes into some detail on what normalisation looks like.

Tolerance and interfaith co-existence are also important points in the accord, and are mentioned very early in the text.

Ties will be developed by establishing embassies and a wide scope of co-operation in fields such as health care, innovation, aviation, environment and energy to spur economic activity and innovation.

The text also puts stress on countering extremism and launching a "strategic agenda for the Middle East", together with the US.

The agreement stresses the importance of negotiated peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and the need to meet their goals and aspirations.

But the text does not make any mention of key issues between the Palestinians and the Israelis, such as the status of Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

It does refer to Israel's peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt.

There is also a point in the text related to security in which the UAE and Israel agree to prevent any "terrorist or hostile activities" against each other.

The UN charter is mentioned and reflects the importance of not undermining any multilateral commitments made by either country or any other obligations they might have related to treaties with other countries.

The agreement will be registered with the UN and must still be legally ratified by both the UAE and Israel.

They also commit to passing or repealing any necessary legislation to make the accord work. Any disputes that may arise will be settled through arbitration.

Here is the text of the agreement in full.