Watch: Future world's tallest tower grows in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Tower is set to reach the dizzy heights of 1km

An inside look at the world's future tallest building

An inside look at the world's future tallest building
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It looks like any other tower project rising from the sand across the Middle East.

But the construction work at Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is set to have that bit extra.

This project has been labelled the world's future tallest building - as it will even eclipse Burj Khalifa, which stands at a lofty 828m.

With 252 floors, Jeddah Tower, located on the outskirts of the city, is set to stretch 1km skywards.

"It's like having Burj Khalifa and the Shard in London on top of it," said Hisham Jomah, chief development officer, Jeddah Economic Company.

Construction started in 2011 and is currently 20 per cent complete after delays. The target completion date is December 2019.


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The UAE meanwhile has its own mega-structure being built in the form of Dubai Creek Tower.

The tower is set to top out at 928 metres, with the project set to feature 679 million square metres of residential space, an additional 851,000 sq metres of commercial property, 22 hotels with 4,400 rooms and 11.16 million sq metres of retail.

It is scheduled for completion around 2021.

Back in 2014, UK-based Chetwoods Architects joined the race to reach 1km when it revealed plans for a project in Wuhan, China, named Phoenix Towers.

However, the project has yet to come to fruition.