Khashoggi's murderers will be brought to justice, says son

He criticised 'recent attempts to smear' his father's legacy, and praised the Saudi leadership

Salah Khashoggi, son of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, receives mourners offering condolences in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia November 16, 2018. REUTERS/Waleed Ali  NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES.
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The son of the murdered Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi said there had been no discussion of a settlement between the family and perpetrators of the killing, who he said were being brought to justice by the Saudi leadership.

Salah Khashoggi issued a statement on behalf of the family on his personal Twitter account, describing his father as “a respectable journalist and a patriotic Saudi citizen” .

He said “the recent attempts to smear his legacy and draw fiction are ill and immoral”.

Salah Khashoggi said King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman “are considered and regarded as guardians to all Saudis.

“Acts of generosity and humanity come from the high moral grounds they possess, not admission of guilt or scandal.”

Salah Khashoggi said he and his siblings “were brought up by our parents to thank acts of good not disavow [them]”.

The family was unable to share details of the case against those accused of carrying out the killing last October, he said, because of legal constraints as the criminal trial continues. "We understand the urge to know what transpired regarding the case; and we will be sharing the developments as soon as they are legally admissible and allowed.

“Currently the trial is taking place and no settlement discussion had been or is discussed. The people who committed and were involved in this crime will be brought to justice and face punishment,” Salah Khashoggi said.

The Saudi government denied that the country’s leadership was aware of the plot to kill Jamal Khashoggi. Official reports of the trial did not detail who was included in the case, which opened in January, but officials said Jamal Khashoggi was killed in a 15-man “rogue operation” led by the deputy intelligence chief Ahmed Al Assiri and royal court adviser Saud Al Qahtani. Both were sacked.

Salah Khashoggi said “any information or evidence pertaining to the case is welcomed and encouraged to be brought forward by the righteous.

“Assisting in justice is a holy and good act.”