Beyond the Headlines podcast: The spiritual side of Hajj the media rarely shows

This week, we speak to Islamic scholar Yusuf Jha, reporter Haneen Dajani and our former writer Ayesha Al Mazroui

This week, more than 2 million people will go to Mecca in Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj, Islam’s holiest event on the calendar.

What draws so many to go through what is not an easy journey, one that is often marred in media coverage that seldom highlights the significance the pilgrimage has with every practicing Muslim?

We speak to Islamic scholar Yusuf Jha, who works for Awqaf in the UAE. He explains the spirituality of Hajj, which is often overlooked in Western media.

Our reporter Haneen Al Dajani, who performed Hajj in 2012,  provides a unique insight into what it means to have performed Hajj.

Finally, we talk to one of our former writers, Ayesha Al Mazroui, who is currently performing the pilgrimage for the first time.


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