Life after lockdown: how workers shared their return to the office on Twitter

Businesses face unprecedented change after months of lockdown. In this four-part series, 'The National' assesses what challenges they face on the road to recovery

The National. Empty shops feature. The London underground is still much less busy following the coronavirus lockdown.
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After nearly half a year out of the office, the return to work has been anything but normal.

There will be many changes to city life, but as workers step back into their company command posts, they have shared their experiences on Twitter:

For many in London, they were met by a ghost town.

Across the Atlantic, Toronto-based David Leonard was concerned about his plant life.

Shawna meanwhile, treated herself to a fresh bouquet of flowers, as well as hand sanitiser, of course.

Others were welcomed back by other garden objects...

And some people were forced back to work by Jedi Masters.

Companies tried to welcome their employees back with uplifting messages.

But other messages were tinged with dread...

Some saw the office as a pleasant change of scenery.

But others were anxious about if  - and when - they would ever return...

Getting dressed for work was a struggle for some.

For others, being away from their pets was hard.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the world's cities, with many still at home working.

It is predicted that many people will leave the urban areas in favour of a more affordable, slower pace of life in the countryside, where they can work remotely.

London's famous Square Mile financial district has been quiet for weeks, with empty restaurants and shuttered stores as workers remain worried about returning to work.

Companies are now having to decide how they open their offices and bring their employees back to work.

Some asked staff to return as soon as lockdown measures eased, while others have taken a more relaxed approach, making homeworking the company default.