Fireball meteor lights up the skies over UK, Ireland and the Netherlands

Videos show it travelling at 48,000kph

Meteor seen rocketing through sky over UK

Meteor seen rocketing through sky over UK
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A brilliant flash of bright meteor flying at 48,000kph sped across UK skies on Sunday night.
Hundreds of people from Ireland to the Netherlands also reported sightings of the meteor. In the UK, it was seen from Somerset in south-west England to Scotland in the north.
Videos shared on social media showed the bright object fly across the sky.

The UK Meteor Network described it as a fireball, which, like a meteor, is space rock entering the atmosphere, but fireballs are brighter than regular meteors.

The UK Fireball Alliance (UKFall), which is led by staff at the Natural History Museum, said there had been more than 750 reports on the International Meteor Organisation's website.
"The video recordings tell us its speed was about 30,000 miles per hour, which is too fast for it to be human-made space junk, so it's not an old rocket or satellite," said UKFall's Dr Ashley King.

"The videos also allowed us to reconstruct its original orbit around the Sun. In this case, the orbit was like an asteroid's.
"This particular piece of asteroid spent most of its orbit between Mars and Jupiter, though sometimes it got closer to the Sun than Earth is," Dr King added.

UKFall said although the meteor broke up in the atmosphere it is likely “a few fragments” reached the ground.