Coronavirus: Scottish Muslim couple deliver free hand sanitiser to elderly people

Owner Asiyah Javed started the scheme after finding a distraught pensioner unable to buy handwash

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A shop in Scotland owned by a Muslim couple is delivering free handwash and facemasks to isolated elderly people in their local community.

The Day Today Express in Stenhousemuir, which is run by Asiyah Javed and her husband Jawad, is also urging local children to come to the shop to collect a free sanitiser wipe to clean their hands before going to school.

They also deliver food and groceries to people’s houses and will do so for free to people who are unwell or over 60.

Ms Javed, 34, says the shop has been inundated with calls for help. “We can come wherever you want,” has been her regular response.

The scheme has been underway for two weeks and began after Ms Javed came across a distraught pensioner unable to purchase sanitary products as panic over the coronavirus in the UK led to goods shortages.

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"I met an elderly woman outside a supermarket and she was really upset because she couldn't get handwash. At that time I couldn't do anything but I thought the next day that the elderly are suffering," she told The National.

“We are just trying to help elderly people. If we help them, that’s the best we could do in our lives,” Ms Javed added.

The shop has been supporting people in the Falkirk area but has also had calls for support more than an hour’s drive away.

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Ms Javed said other people had been encouraged to follow suit offering things such as toilet roll and paracetamol.

“The items I’ve got are handwash, facemasks and hand sanitiser. They are three things that you need for coronavirus and nobody can get them. We stockpiled before when we heard about this virus coming over to the UK.”

Its Facebook page has multiple postings a day advertising its offerings.

“FREE bag for all our local elderly (over 65) and infirm customers in Stenhousemuir. Items in the bags are Dettol Hand Wash, Face Mask & Hand Sanitizer Wipe. FREE DELIVERY call us on 01324554077. ALL READY TO BE DELIVERED,” says one.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” said Labour MP David Lammy as he praised the shop.

Moving forward, the plan is to continue the scheme.

“At the moment we’ve got plenty stock, we want to keep doing it,” Ms Javed said.