Banksy's anti-Brexit Dover mural covered in white scaffolding

It is not clear whether the artwork has been removed or painted over

epaselect epa06920668 A view of a Brexit-inspired mural by anonymous British street artist Banksy depicting the European flag in Dover, Britain, 31 July 2018. The graffiti that appeared on a building near Dover's ferry terminal shows a worker removing one of the 12 stars from the EU flag.  EPA/FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA
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A mural designed by prolific British artist Banksy depicting a star being chiselled off the EU flag has been covered in white scaffolding.

The artwork appeared in Dover, a port town on the south-east coast of England, in May 2017, less than a year after the UK voted to leave the EU.

The mural appeared on a former amusement building that was due to be knocked down.

In 2017, the building’s owners, the Godden family, said they were “exploring options for retention, removal or sale” of the artwork.

It is not clear whether the mural has been removed or painted over.

Local residents have been speculating about the fate of the artwork.

One called it “cultural vandalism of the highest order”, but others supported the move, saying that the port town needed regeneration and the building should be renovated.

Banksy, who keeps a low profile and has not revealed his true identity, caused a stir by designing a stab vest for UK grime star Stormzy for his Glastonbury performance in June.