Alleged Greek spy ‘showed support for Turkish nationalism’

Employee of Turkey’s consulate in Rhodes accused of espionage against his homeland

Mediterraneo Kastellorizo is located in Kastellorizo, Greece (Courtesy: Mediterraneo Kastellorizo)
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A Greek man who worked at Turkey’s consulate on the island of Rhodes and is accused of espionage against Greece allegedly posted symbols of Turkish nationalism online.

The 35-year-old, named in local media as Bayran Sabaidim, also showed support for the independence of Western Thrace, the Proto Thema newspaper reported. The majority of Muslims in Greece live in Thrace in the north-east of the country, bordering Turkey.

Mr Sabaidim allegedly recruited a 52-year-old cook who worked on a ferry that travelled between Rhodes and the Greek island of Kastelorizo, which lies two kilometres from Turkey in waters claimed by both countries.

The cook is accused of taking pictures of Greek warships and sensitive military areas.

Mr Sabaidim had worked as a secretary at the Turkish consulate in Rhodes for a few years and originally is from Thrace. A computer was seized at his home as authorities investigated whether he recruited others.

Greece and Turkey have a long-standing dispute over explorations rights in the Mediterranean Sea, which is considered to be rich in energy resources.

Tensions flared in August when Ankara sent seismic exploration ship the Oruc Reis into waters claimed by Greece.