China will be 'force for stability' in addressing crises, says Foreign Minister

Wang Yi says Israel cannot 'establish its security on the insecurity of others'

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. Getty Images
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China will be a “force for stability” in addressing global hotspot issues, the country’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has said.

Speaking about the country's place in the world, Mr Wang told the Munich Security Conference that Beijing has worked to explore a “Chinese way” of addressing crises, “one that advocates for non-interference in internal affairs and opposes imposing one’s will on others”.

China also opposes the pursuit of selfish interests and the use of force, he said.

On the crisis in the Red Sea, he said China has publicly called for parties not to harass commercial ships in the area and to safeguard the security of the waterway.

“To address the Red Sea issue, the root cause must be resolved,” he added, “and the root cause is the continuing fighting in Gaza. China’s position is clear on that.

“First, an immediate ceasefire must be realised. No more fighting. And second, to make sure that humanitarian corridors are unimpeded. And third, hold an international peace conference as soon as possible to revive the two-state solution.

“We cannot allow this humanitarian disaster to continue any more.”

Mr Wang called for an “accelerated state of Palestine” and said there should be a more “concerted voice” and unified position that calls for a proper settlement.

“Efforts should be made towards a two-state solution. Only when that is realised can the state of Palestine and the state of Israel live in peace and, with assurance from the international community, can enduring security be enjoyed by Israel.

“The country cannot establish its security on the insecurity of others.”

On the topic of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Mr Wang said China did not “sit idly by and watch it from a distance”.

“We did not exploit the situation, but instead, we’ve been facilitating peace talks. President Xi has stated clearly China’s position. That is, first the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected.

“Second, the purposes and principles of the UN charter must be fully observed. Third, the legitimate security concerns of all countries must be taken seriously. And fourth, all efforts that are conducive to peace must be supported.”

Updated: February 17, 2024, 12:27 PM