Confused Egyptian camel escapes slaughterhouse to wander hospital corridors

Footage of the animal went viral but the hospital took action against staff for filming the encounter

Camel breaks into hospital in Egypt

Camel breaks into hospital in Egypt
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Staff at an Egyptian hospital were surprised by a camel on Sunday morning when it wandered inside, evading security guards on the door.

Shocked doctors and nurses quickly tried to usher the animal out of the Ossim Hospital in Giza.

Officials said a local resident was leading the beast to a nearby slaughterhouse when it broke free and ran into the hospital grounds.

The incident went viral on social media after a nurse at the facility posted video of the incident.

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Although many online ridiculed the incident and asked how the hospital security let the confused camel wander the corridors, management took action against the nurse who filmed the encounter.

Hospital manager Dr Reda Walid said that the nurse's actions were irresponsible and dangerous as she should have been taking the necessary precautions to contain the situation and protect the hospital's patients and staff instead of posting the incident on social media.

“It is not appropriate for the workers to stand to photograph the disaster of a camel storming the hospital, as this animal could have run over someone with its feet,” local media quoted Dr Walid as saying.

Local daily Al Ahram reported that the hospital has reportedly docked three days' pay from the nurse and local health directors are looking at transferring her from the facility.

The National was unable to contact the hospital for comment on the reports. The fate of the camel is unknown.