Beyond the Headlines podcast: Destruction in Somalia; conflict in Iraq and lights over Abu Dhabi

Listen to our discussion on the big issues from the region during the past week

The most deadly attack in Somalia's war-torn history has rocked the country and claimed hundreds of lives. We look to find out why the two bombs have gone unclaimed by any terrorist organisation.

We also talk to Colin Freeman, whose on-the-ground reporting has led him to some interesting conclusions.

Iraqi troops have been mobilised again, but this time it is to reclaim Kirkuk, the oil-rich Iraqi state that the Kurdish referendum attempted to claim as their own. The National reporter Mina Al Droubi joins us to discuss how the attack can easily take a turn for the worse.

And finally, we are joined by James Langton, who witnessed an unidentified object burning through the UAE's sky from his home in Abu Dhabi. Speculation on what the object was has led some to say it was a meteor yet others claiming it came from a Russian ship.