NASA images show Kerala before and after devastating floods

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Images released by NASA show the devastation "once in a century" floods have left on Kerala in southern India.

The American space agency release two photographs, one from February 6, and the other from August 22 this year.

The second photo reveals huge swathes of land submerged from the floods which killed over 400 people.

Two photographs were taken in space, the first by the Landsat 8 satellite, and the second by the European Space Agency's Sentinel-2.


Both of the images are in "false-colour", which makes flood water appear dark blue, and vegetation bright green.

The UAE has a large population of expatriate resident families from Kerala and has assisted in mitigating the damage from the floods by sending aid.

Kerala, a popular destination among tourists seeking dramatic coastlines and unspoilt beaches, has been battered by record monsoon rains this year.

Roads were ripped up by the flooding, while mobile phone networks were destroyed and more than one million people displaced.

Many died in the tragedy or their homes were buried by landslides triggered by the continuing downpours.

The result has left many UAE residents who flew out to India to enjoy their summer holiday stranded and unable to make the journey home.


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