Sudan talks between generals and protesters to resume

The bid to resolve remaining issues between the two sides will begin on Tuesday

epa07746291 Sudanese protesters chant slogans as they protest against the outcomes of the investigation into crackdown on protest camp in Khartoum, Sudan, 28 July 2019. According to reports, Sudanese prosecutor announced the results of the investigation into the crackdown on protesters camp that occurred on 03 June and resulted in the death of at least 87 people. Eight Sudanese officers are facing charges of 'committing crimes against humanity', however protesters are calling for an independent investigation into the crackdown, which they claim caused the death of some 130 protesters.  EPA/MARWAN ALI
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Sudanese protesters and the country's ruling generals will resume talks to resolve outstanding issues around a power-sharing deal on Tuesday, according to a mediator.

The two sides signed a power-sharing deal on July 17 to form a joint civilian-military ruling body that would lead to civilian rule.

The talks come after protests over a sit-in raid in June that a Sudanese investigation concluded left at least 87 people dead.

Fath Al Rahman Saeed, the head of the investigative committee appointed by the public prosecutor, said members of the security forces fired live ammunition at protesters in Khartoum who were demanding the military cede power.

Installing civilian rule remains the main demand of a nationwide protest movement that led to the April removal of longtime leader Omar Al Bashir and has since demanded that the military council that took his place cede power to civilians.

African Union mediator Mohamed El Hacen Lebatt said on Sunday that the protest leaders and generals had been invited for "final talks on the Constitutional Declaration".

Prominent protest leader Babiker Faisal also confirmed Tuesday's talks in Khartoum between the two sides.

The second agreement will cover issues including the powers of the joint civilian-military ruling body, the deployment of security forces and immunity for generals over protest-related violence, Mr Faisal said.

"I expect that we will reach an agreement on the Constitutional Declaration on Tuesday because the pending differences are not big," Mr Faisal said.

Mr Lebatt said a technical committee representing the two sides would meet first on Monday for preliminary talks.