Young Pakistani boxer sets Guinness World Record for most punches in a minute

Teenager recorded 265 full-extension punches with one arm in 60 seconds

Pakistani boxer breaks Guinness World Record

Pakistani boxer breaks Guinness World Record
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A teenage boxer from Pakistan has broken a world record for the most punches with one arm in a minute.

Younas Mehsud, 17, from the remote South Waziristan district, recorded 265 full-extension punches with one arm in 60 seconds.

He received a certificate from the Guinness World Records committee on Friday confirming his achievement, breaking the previous record of 214 punches set by Egypt’s Fares Mohamed Shaban.

Younas, who is trained by Pakistani martial artist Irfan Mehsood, performed the feat on August 12 this year in Pakistan’s Dera Ismail Khan district.

He already holds the world record for the highest number of one-hand punches in a minute while holding a 1kg weight, set on February 1 when his 161 punches broke his own 140-punch record set eight months previously.

“I took inspiration from my trainer Irfan Mehsood, who has more than 70 world records in martial arts, and decided to make records myself,” he said.

“My trainer informed me about the record of the Egyptian boxer and I decided to break that record. Now after succeeding in it, I plan to make another world record in punches with two hands.”

He said his parents had always supported him in the sport.

“Our region has long been defamed by militancy but now we want to project a soft image of the region and tell the world that we are peace-loving people,” Younas, whose father Muzaffar Din is a retired soldier, told The National.

Mr Mehsood, who trains more than 80 students in mixed martial arts and boxing at his Lion’s Den Fight Club Academy, told The National that he encouraged students to break world records.

He said 15 of his students have broken world records and the club had set 115 Guinness World Records.

Updated: December 11, 2023, 12:38 PM