Moving Out 2 review: Putting the fun into furniture removal

Team17's new title challenges players to work together to shift furniture, to hilarious effect

Moving Out 2 strikes the perfect balance of challenge and laughs for causal gamers. Photo: Team17
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The best multiplayer games usually involve an adversarial element. Whether it is a fighting, sports or shooting title, there is a winner and loser at the end of it.

But sometimes, what you really want to do is join forces to conquer a common challenge; to play with, rather than against, each other.

Games like Overcooked and It Takes Two set the standard for the popularity of this type of multiplayer game, but Moving Out 2, a new and eccentric title from Team17, looks like it might just eclipse them.

Moving Out 2

Developer: SMG Studio
Publisher: Team17
Consoles: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4&5, PC and Xbox One
Rating: 4/5

In Moving Out 2, the objective is simple: move furniture from inside the house to the removal van. It's a lot more fun than it sounds.

Time to move out

It’s a dilemma everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. What to do with all that furniture during a house move, and what’s the best way to get it to your new home in one piece?

Released this week across all major consoles, Moving Out 2 offers a very goofy way of doing things: chuck a refrigerator through the window if you must – just make sure it’s on the van.

The story puts players in charge of a moving company that essentially has a monopoly over a small town, darting from one customer to another.

Players can choose from a range of avatars, which cover the spectrum from human to characters with a shoe for a head.


Moving Out 2’s gameplay is dynamic and frantic. The camera follows players around as they navigate through houses, looking for all the objects needed to complete the level.

Some items, as in real life, need more than two hands to carry safely and efficiently. It is during these segments that the game shines.

Co-ordination and concentration between two players is crucial, but the potential mistakes and mishaps make for a hilarious experience.

For example, you might try to grab the sofa from each end and hope you can accurately throw it through the window and on to the waiting lorry. However, instead it backfires and bounces the opposite way.

As players advance through stages, the game naturally becomes more challenging. The houses become more like mazes and getting those objects on the lorry becomes an increasingly tricky endeavour.


Growing up, gaming was always a solo experience for me. I enjoyed it most when playing alone, through a dense and layered story. While I did have some memorable experiences playing with friends, I did not particularly enjoy it.

After getting married though, that attitude had to change. With some help from my wife, I've learnt to enjoy playing games that require us to work together.

Overcooked and its sequel Overcooked 2 became favourites, but both get too tense for me personally. As the challenges become tougher, I find myself unable to keep up.

With Moving Out 2, the experience is calmer and far more enjoyable. The challenges are not make-or-break and the mistakes are a chance for a laugh, rather than a moment of remorse.

The game will appeal to groups of friends who love playing together, and to couples who want a gaming experience that brings them closer to each other.

So, gather your friends or plan an evening with your loved one, because you're going to need some help shifting those sofas.

Updated: August 18, 2023, 6:02 PM
Moving Out 2

Developer: SMG Studio
Publisher: Team17
Consoles: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4&5, PC and Xbox One
Rating: 4/5