Worker who earns Dh3,000 wins Dh2 million in UAE lottery

Antony Joy struck it lucky in the 18th weekly draw by Mahzooz

Antony Joy struck it lucky with a Dh2 million win from the 18th weekly live draw by Mahzooz. Courtesy: Antony Joy 
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An Indian man living in Oman who won Dh2 million from a live draw held by a UAE company will pay off his bank loans and support his elderly parents.

Antony Joy, 39, moved to Oman 16 years ago and has been working as a lab technician at a construction firm – earning the equivalent of Dh3,000 per month.

On Wednesday, Mahzooz organisers informed Mr Joy that he won the grand prize.

"It felt like a dream. I couldn't believe it," he told The National.

“I have been participating regularly and didn’t think I had a chance, but now it’s a reality. The funds are going to help me pay my bank loans and help my parents.”

Mr Joy has to pay off bank loans of about Dh125,000.

He said he would use the rest of the winnings to take care of his parents, who live in India.

“I can take better care of them and my community now,” Mr Joy said. “I also want to donate to some charity.”

He shares a small apartment with a colleague, provided to him by his company.

He said he might upgrade to a better flat, but does not want to rush any decisions on how to spend the money.

Mr Joy was the winner of the 18th live draw by Mahzooz, which is operated by Ewings, a technology and operations management company.

To participate in the draw, registrations can be made online.

Participants are required to buy a Dh35 bottle of water. Each bottle of water purchased provides eligibility for one line in the draw.

Entrants participate in an interactive live draw, where they match certain numbers and win prizes.

The money collected by Mahzooz through sale of water bottles is donated to charity.

Several people in the Emirates and other Arab countries have struck it lucky with lottery wins this year.

Another Indian citizen in Oman won Dh20m through an Abu Dhabi raffle draw in January.

A Filipina won Dh1m after wiring her father Dh186 through Al Ansari Exchange.

The next draw by Mahzooz will be on April 3.

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