Woman overcomes 'peculiar' fear of police

Ajman police became involved when her father appealed for help from a radio show

The 21-year-old woman and her father are taken for a tour around Al Hamidiya Police station in Ajman. Ajman Police
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A woman who showed “peculiar behaviour” whenever she saw police officers has had her fears eased with the help of a radio show and Ajman Police.

The 21-year-old Pakistani woman allegedly suffered from paranoid behaviour around police since age four.

This month her father called Al Rabia FM, a radio show in Ajman, for help after all attempts for treatment in his home country failed.

"She had been suffering from this disorder since she was four, and always showed peculiar behaviours when she saw policemen in uniform or passed near a police station, she had always believed that she is wanted by police," said the man, who lives in Al Hamidiya.
He said her condition worsened with time which prompted her family to send her back to Pakistan for psychological treatment.

"She showed the same symptoms and was taken to therapist after she had to drop university due to her immense fear of police uniform and everything related to police," he said.
Treatment in Pakistan was unsuccessful but the man said her therapist suggested police get involved to help eliminate her fear.
Following the father's call to the radio show, the host Abu Rashid, contacted Ajman police's chief, Maj Gen Sheikh Sultan Al Nuaimi who rallied officers from Al Hamidiya police station to help.
The woman, accompanied by father, was escorted to the police station where she was greeted with a bouquet of flowers. She met all police staff and the head of the police station Lt Col Yehia Al Matroushi who personally took her for a tour of the station.
"She was briefed on the work process and given the chance to access her data on the computer to see that she was not wanted by police," said the Lt Col Al Matroushi.

The tour seemingly dispelled the woman's concerns and thanked the police for their help.
"I'm deeply grateful for your help and kindness, I'm so excited and happy now, I can't thank you enough," she said.