Woman hurt in gas explosion at Ajman home

Police said the gas canister in the outside kitchen had been leaking prior to the explosion

A woman is injured after the outside kitchen of a house in Al Ruqayeb explodes due to a gas leak. Courtesy Ajman Civil Defence
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A woman has been hurt after the flick of a switch caused a gas explosion in the kitchen of a home in Ajman on Friday morning.

Col Mohammed Al Suwaidi, director of Ajman Civil Defence, said a gas cylinder in the outside kitchen - separate to the main villa in Al Raqab - had been leaking and the flick of a switch by the house maid set off the explosion.

The woman suffered severe injuries and bruising and was taken to Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Hospital.

Pictures released by Ajman Civil Defence showed the walls of the building having collapsed, leaving the kitchen exposed.

Col Al Suwaidi called on home owners to handle gas canisters with care and ensure they are periodically maintained to avoid leaks. He said to store them away from direct sunlight and flammable materials and advised people not keep their windows open lest gas leaks not be detected from their smell.

If a gas leak is suspected, Col Al Suwaidi advised against turning on any electrical appliances and reporting the leak to police.