Winner of Abu Dhabi’s Dh20 million jackpot to share fortune with colleagues

Abdussalam NV, from India, struck it lucky with the Big Ticket raffle draw this week

Abdussalam NV will share his Dh20 million prize with seven others. Mr NV 
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An Indian father who scooped a Dh20 million jackpot on Abu Dhabi’s Big Ticket raffle said he will share his fortune with others.

Abdussalam NV, who lives in Oman, will spread his new-found wealth equally among seven work colleagues, with each receiving Dh2.5 million.

Mr Abdussalam, 28, will use his slice of the big-money haul to support charity, save for his children’s education and expand his business.

The windfall is just the latest good news for Mr NV, whose wife recently gave birth.

We are all very excited about our new beginnings

He has yet to see his new son because his wife travelled to India for the delivery, but is eager to meet him.

The family man was in danger of missing out on his dream win when organisers were unable to contact him.

Mr Abdussalam had provided two incorrect phone numbers when purchasing the raffle.

Its organisers appealed for help and he was declared the winner on January 3 after colleagues spotted the plea.

"I was very happy when I found out I had won," he told The National. "It's a very big amount, but I will be sharing it equally with seven other people."

He will distribute the cash among his colleagues, the Big Ticket organisers said.

It was earlier reported that he had resigned from the company after winning, but Mr NV clarified that his win would allow him to restructure the business and move towards expansion.

He co-owns three grocery stores and plans to open a chain of supermarkets.

“I will also be donating funds to a charity that helps pay for weddings for girls whose families cannot afford to pay,” Mr Abdussalam said.

Part of his winnings will be set aside to pay for his children’s education. He has a six-year-old daughter as well as his son, three months.

His wife travelled to India three months ago to deliver their child, but has not returned yet owing to Covid-19 fears.

“It’s been three months since I have seen my wife and I have yet to see my son,” Mr Abdussalam said.

“But we are all very excited about our new beginnings and hope to reunite soon.”

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