Wife 'helps police arrest husband for filming another woman naked'

Man accused of filming woman through her bathroom window as she showered is arrested in Dubai after his wife helped police organise a sting operation

A Dubai resident helped police arrest her husband after she caught him trying to take pictures of another woman as she showered, the emirate’s court of first instance was told.

Police were called to a flat in Al Muraqqabat on March 7 after a woman reported seeing a man’s arm stretched through her bathroom window carrying a mobile phone as she was showering.

"At first I thought I was imagining it because it was after midnight. But when he stretched his arm again, holding a mobile phone in his hand, I screamed at him," said the Filipina. 
She got dressed and ran outside but the man was gone. She and her brother then went out looking for him.

“My brother saw the accused and — suspecting it was him - asked him if he had seen anyone running from near our flat.”

The Filipino accused, 41, told her brother he saw a Pakistani man running away — in an attempt to throw him off.

The woman told the court they began to increasingly suspect the accused because he kept asking them questions. 
"He was asking many questions about what happened and why our bathroom window was open," said the woman, whose age was not disclosed in court records. 
She and her brother asked the security guard if they could check the building's CCTV footage, which showed the accused running from her flat at the time of the incident.
"He came into the security room as we were discussing calling police and admitted to it in front of my brother. He said he deleted the video he made of me while bathing," said the woman, who called police.

Officers tracked down the accused and set a trap for him with his wife’s help. She lured her husband into meeting her and, when he showed up, police arrested him. The details of the sting operation were not disclosed in court records.

The accused admitted to a charge of sexual assault, during police questioning but denied it in court/

He will receive his verdict on July 31.