Volunteer programme launches as a taste of Expo 2020 is revealed at Three Year Countdown event

People came from across the country to celebrate and be part of this huge event, during which a Three Years to Go countdown started at 20:20

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Visitors of the beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence were introduced to what Expo 2020 would bring as part of Three Years to Go Countdown Expo celebration on Friday.

People came from across the country to celebrate and be part of this huge event. Guests danced to the live music as well as having the chance to take part in activities and games that present the meaning of Expo 2020.

Olivia Roberts, a 13-year-old British girl came with her parents to discover what the Expo is about. She participated in the People’s Tapestry by using a coloured string to connect words that represent her ambitions towards Expo 2020.

“I know the Expo will be an opportunity to create something special and share their innovations to the world and makes people come up with new ideas that could change the world and people’s lives,” said Olivia.

“I saw the flying taxi and it was very cool and I participated in an activity that explains to you the idea behind the Expo and what it will bring to the country and think it will bring creativity, stability, new ideas and great future and it will motivate many people,” she continued.


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Local and international talents performed and entertained visitors on the event main stage . A Three Years to Go Countdown started at 20:20.

“It’s a huge celebration that made us aware of what Expo 2020 will bring to all of us,” said Mayssa Jalal, from Lebanon.

“We enjoyed the live music and the activates that made us know exactly what the Expo is all about, we are so proud of the country’s accomplishments and we are sure that it will be a great success,” she added.

“We learned today that the Expo will be a platform for everyone to learn new thing, get introduced to new innovations and have fun at the same time,” she said.

Director of Youth Connect, Expo 2020 Dubai said that Three Years to Go celebration will be a critical opportunity for the youth to understand why our World Expo will be a fun, enriching and empowering experience for everybody.”

“Expo 2020 Dubai is a critical moment for the youth of the region to be exposed to new opportunities and expand possibilities for their future beyond the region,” said Alya Al Ali.

A volunteering programme was also launched during the event. It aims to enrol more than 30,000 volunteers to participate in one of the world’s largest events.

Expo 2020 Dubai just three years away

Expo 2020 Dubai just three years away

“It’s an opportunity to everyone to get involved, gain new experience and participate in the country’s biggest event,” said Ms Al Ali.

“We accept all people from different nationalities and age group and each one will have the opportunity that matches their skills and competencies,” she added.

Christoph Stalder, a 26-year-old Swiss commercial clerk who enrolled in the volunteering programme said that it's going to be an exciting opportunity being part of a great event like the Expo.

“It’s amazing what they already did for the Expo, I saw their plans and vision which is unique and astonishing, it’s going to be the first Expo in the Middle East and it will attract many countries and provide new ideas and opportunities and it’s great to be part of it,” said Mr Stalder who has been living in Dubai for two years.