Unemployed man jailed for drug-fuelled attack on police

Police stopped him while driving in Al Barsha and found him in possession of crystal meth

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A man will spend three months in prison for assaulting police officers who stopped him because of his expired car’s registration but found him possessing hard drugs.

On March 6, a police patrol in the Al Barsha area of Dubai stopped the unemployed Emirati to check his car documents when they noticed he was acting strangely.

On suspicion he was under the influence of drugs and could be possessing illegal substances, officers asked him to step-out of the car to carry out a search.

The man then flew into a rage, kicking and shoving police officers before he started hitting himself.
"There was a woman in his company and both of them were not in a normal condition," said the arresting police officer, 24.

“We found crystal-meth in the vehicle and asked him to come with us to the police station but he refused.

"He then started throwing his body to the ground and resisting arrest, we had to call for backup."
The 32-year-old accused was restrained and taken to the police station. A background check revealed the man had a long criminal record of drug abuse.
Medical tests also showed he was under the influence of mind-altering substances at the time of the incident.
At Dubai Criminal Court in August, the driver denied charges of physical assault, possessing and using drugs but was convicted of assault.

He was referred to the court of misdemeanours to face drug use and possession charges.