UAE weather: Fine day for many as fog returns overnight

Cloud may build up over the afternoon in some areas

Clear skies are forecast for much of the UAE on Monday
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Fine and clear skies will remain over much of the UAE on Monday with pleasant temperatures into the mid-30s for many.

Fog and mist patches drift in overnight and into Tuesday with eastern areas of the UAE most likely to see a build-up of cloud through the afternoon according to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology.

Dubai temperatures will peak at about 34C with wind speeds from the northwest reaching 20km per hour. It will be slightly warmer in Abu Dhabi reaching 36C with humidity likely to increase above 60 per cent into the later afternoon and evening, especially over middle and western areas of the country.

The Northern Emirates will see similar weather conditions, with cooler temperatures over the Hatta mountains falling as low as 25C.