UAE weather: Dense fog to cover Abu Dhabi and Al Ain this week

Motorists have been warned to drive carefully

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A thick blanket of fog covered parts of the UAE on Saturday morning.

Weather experts said the hazardous weather conditions could stretch on for a further five days.

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said the combination of cold temperatures and high pressure over parts of the Emirates, particularly Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, is causing the fog.

The weather centre issued several fog alerts this morning, warning motorists to drive carefully as visibility dropped to less than 50 metres.

“There is high pressure over certain areas and it is humid but cold at night, so the condensation is causing the fog to form,” said a meteorologist at NCM.

“Today (Saturday) we found fog formation over areas like Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, which extended to western areas, as well.”

The meteorologist said there is a chance of rain after five days, when low pressure of winds will lift the humidity to help form clouds.

He said the fog forms overnight will likely last until 11am each day.

“We are warning people who are driving to only go out if it is absolutely necessary,” he said.

“The morning fog is very dense and visibility becomes less than 50 metres in some areas, creating very dangerous conditions to drive in.”

Temperatures in Abu Dhabi will be at highs of 26 degrees Celsius and lows of 15 degrees, with 82 per cent chances of humidity later in the evening.

In Dubai, it will be mostly sunny with highs of 24 degrees.

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