UAE foundation trains caregivers of disabled children

Al Jalila Foundation has announced plans to expand its training programme for teachers who work with children with disabilities.

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DUBAI // A foundation plans to expand its training programmes for those caring for children with special needs.

Al Jalila Foundation plans to expand its Ta’alouf parents training programme and offer a new training programme for teachers in 20 private and public schools across the country, the organisation announced on Sunday.

The foundation’s first phase of the parental training programme involved 53 parents of children of 11 nationalities, most of whom had autism or Down syndrome. A second phase, which started in February, has reached 100 parents and covered a wider range of disabilities.

The foundation now hopes to train 400 to 800 parents over the next three

years because of high demand, it said.

The teachers training is to include classroom-based practical sessions and mentoring phases.

The foundation believes in equal opportunities for all students, said Raja Easa Saleh Al Gurg, member of the foundation’s board of trustees and chairwoman of its board of directors.

“The harmony of both components of the Ta’alouf programme with parents and teachers will result in the development of a strong, supportive network geared towards helping these children excel in the wider society,” she said.

The training programme was extended to teachers because of “a lack of opportunities for the professional development of teachers”, aiming to “close the gap between home and school,” the foundation said.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, passed a law last month aimed at ensuring public services are provided to people with special needs in Dubai to ensure they can integrate into the community.